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CrossFire ExpertHax Review

I started using ExpertHex on February this Year and I used many h4ks before.
Just to try out how they work if you can h4k legit or nearly legit.

What things the ExpertHax have included not the normal things like Auto Aim or Aim key or ESP, I mean the difference maker like Silent Aim literally no one in CF H4k History i used had Silent Aim. It is a big Setting and helps you a lot to play "legit" if you can. Never tried the streaming Mode, but you really need to try it out guesses it would make much fun.

So in the Months I bought this H4k, I learned to love it, and I saw the Developers love this project as well. They update the ExpertHax often. They try to give us new things trying to change something to make our h4k experience better, not like System CH. who released the same h4ck over 5 Years or longer. They try to add as many things they can, just to improve our game experience and this is a big plus for Expert Hax.

Everyone who is new here and isn't sure if he should use this h4k and really wanna try it out before you pay your own money and things you never tried, then fck it they give you a trial for one Day (Only if you are a new user).

So let's take these things beside and let's talk about the Features:

So the H4k is really Simple I attached a Picture from the first Page. You can see it got everything you need Aim bot, Auto Aim, Field of View (FOV) on the right side.
Like I said before you can choose between normal Aim bot Aim this means if you click the aim key which you can set up as well in the "Config" section.

You have two different "Wallhacks" one is ESP definitely a must-use if you just wanna ExpertHax for fun. The second Wallhack is Charms ESP this Option can you choose in the MISC Section. Charms are like LEDs around your enemies and Teammates you can choose the colors as well.

Trigger bot is included as well.

No Recoil is one of my favorite Options you can set it up in the MISC section as well it is one of my favorites cause you can exactly choose how much no recoil you wanna have, like i only used 10%-30% no recoil cause this is enough and doesn't even look that obvious, it helps a lot.

They added no Spread as well, for someone who doesn't know what no spread does, If you shoot you have bullet spread this mean you can't hit every bullet you shoot "if you spray" but if you use No Spread you can spray the sh1t out of your gun and every shot will hit the enemies. 

[Image: rnDclpZ.jpg]

If you wanna know more about this h4k, then don't hesitate and give this H4k a try, you won't regret it. Stay Clean and use EXPERT HAX!

(BTW if you don't h4k obvious you don't get banned. Never got banned for cheating because the h4k got detected. The only reason I got banned, was my obvious cheating.)
Thanks for the review  Heart

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