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(Help) KDMO Patch

Hi, i'm new in this forum, and I come to ask for help, I am trying to revive the old patches of KDMO, since for a long time no one has modified them, they no longer translated skills, buffs, mounts , or anything like that, and recently the section of NPC and Quest, I come to this forum for help to revive these last 2 options, I advance with the skills and buffs, which have a progress of 70% and 30% of translation.

I want to make work Quest and NPC translation, so i looking for some help, I contacted the creator of the .dmot and he answered me with this:

"You need to examine the binary files using a Hex-Editor to figure out
where the individual fields start:
- how long is an entire record in bytes?
- how long in bytes is an individual field in the record?
- how much bytes to skip from the end of one field to the start of the
next field in the same record?

This is a tedious work but often they just added some stuff at the end
of the record so altering the values can help. Once you know these
values you can alter the binary file description from within the editor.
It's in the binary menu option somewhere. You can set the record size,
the length of fields and the offset of fields from in there. These
settings are saved in the *.dmot file. Most of the time the record
length, field length or field offsets vary by a few bytes. I hope you
get it working again using this."

I've never tried to program something, so I did not understand what he said, try using a Hex editor, but nothing, I did not even know where to start.

[Image: 1_1.jpg]
[Image: Skill.jpg.html][Image: Buff.jpg]

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