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in my warface when I try to open with the cheat of this error help me
ERROR >>>>
restart your computer and run the loader in game lobby.
[Image: koZRJvj.gif]
(10-14-2018, 10:46 PM)Oap Wrote: "restart your computer and run the loader in game lobby." Hi, it does not help, bc you will get disconnected in just 5-6 minutes. I just purchased the cheat, have done everything on "first steps". I was getting this error massage, and tried to follow your solution. But still I do get disconection just after 3-5 min in the game. Everytime. I dont know whats wrong, either your cheat is raw or its my windows 8.1? Your answer is apriciated. My friend has the same problems on windows 10 too.
the same problem

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