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Changes for better Hack experience
You should focus more on the AI mode like speedhack a really working no recoil and one hit mode for AI also the aimbot for AI have to be fixxed. And the ghost dont get catched from the esp. Godmode would be also awesome.
Speed hacks gives a lot error , one hit is like when u hit the body get's a headshot damage .

About esp this is a problem and dead will fix this.
[Image: rMeSeDLV_400x400.jpg]
Do you have the perfect settings for ai ?
i have the Problem the loader say not all time waiting for game and then the hack doesnt open when i start the game
Download the requirements:
and when you will fix ai mode for your hack
(09-03-2018, 01:49 PM)core Wrote:  and when you will fix ai mode for your hack

I solved some problems of Zombie Mode, now ESP & Aimbot work correctly, before it did not work on some Maps.

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