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How to solve credit card purchase issue

How to solve credit card purchase issue

If you are trying to buy one of our products with credit card, and you are getting an error message, this topic will help you.

Most common error:
[Image: ML9I5XE.png]

If you are getting this error, it means you have to enable "3D Secure" protection.

Our payment provider uses this protection to prevent fraud, so if your card doesn't have this option enabled, you won't be able to buy from us.

What is this protection:
This protection has different names on each type of card, click on the links to know how it works: VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX

How to solve:
You will need to activate this protection on your card.

How to enable:
Contact your card issuer and ask to activate 3D Secure (SecureCode|Verified by Visa|Safe Key).

If you receive any other errors, please contact us: click here

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