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Post here any suggestions

I'm working on improvements in cheat, and I need your opinion, post here any suggestions  Heart
One-Hit hack for ZM
auto ready/start
auto walk bot

hitbox displacement.(did this in the past with cheat engine on cf eu. it teleports your actual hitboxes and body to the sky. but your fov is on the ground like normal, and you kill people from the ground.the method to not get an error was the following: it teleported your body to the sky kept it there for half a second and teleported to your real position for a frame and then teleported back to the sky for half a second)  it would be great if you could recreate that.
I don't use the cheat in public only for autofarm.

And for that I would like

Auto Aim & Auto Shoot working when using Remote kill

Now it only works with Normal

Also increase the time of auto shoot (current 3.5) = slower shooting
Fast knife
One shot mag (Empty entire magazine instantly with a single click - no delay between bullets)
I would like to have zombie mode damage hack! that will be nice for Nightmare mode in Elemental!
Fully automatic farm bot
Auto ready
Auto start

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