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Suggestions from a PRO Player

1. No Reload hack doesnt work(Would prefer making it adjustable)
2. Add No Bug Zone Damage
3. Add Bhop(That was requested last year)
4. Add No Sniper Reload(Allows the Bolt Actions to be fired "Semi Auto")
5. Add a Lag Switch(Requested by junior user Bravo. That would be a sick hack)
6. Add a Adjustable Speed Hack(not a rediculous speed but one that is a little faster and barely noticable)
7. Add a Adjustable Jump Hack( The Super Jump is way too noticable)
8. Need to have some info and maybe even a better video explaining the different Aimbots. I cant figure out the Remote Bot. Ive even watched videos. Just acts like Stealth Bot really.
9. Knife hack needs to be a tad bit faster.
10. I dont see the point in having a No Scope Hack. I have no Performance improvements with it. I find it worse than actually using a scope.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this. Ive been using this hack since it first developed with SinfulEXP. Hopefully you'll put some thought into a lot of it. Yes

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