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New Dungeon Skins

So with the several new releases of dungeons and maps, I was hoping we would soon be getting a few new skins for DB. For example FDG skin for the new fanglong dungeon and boxes, and ofc Royal Base skins for DeathXMon and all of their seals. Does anyone have any type of date planned for this? As well as maybe some patch work, since the game recently redid its bot detection. Not that the bot is bad, it works really well. It just needs to be updated to the latest patches of the game.
Porfavor nao esta funcionando as SKINS das DGS
hi can someone help me with fdg the problem esque when i try to bugear can not help pls
help as active the dg skins in the game
dgs skins not working, have error "bad module'' and close game, only fdg skin working, please fix it

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