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Colosseum Skin Hard Mode Problem


in the Round with Baihumon and Qinglongmon the Whirlwind and Monument Stones didn't move. They are stuck!

Pls fix it.

Thank you.
There is not fix to it, since they can not even move.... LOL
Then the map for Colo Skin should be changed to Maze F1 because one of the whirlwind spawns in the tree of the map
Just use Attack threw Wall and you are set.. xD whats you'r problem about it. We got to stage 20 without any problems :v

If you are wondering what the bosses are. 16: Baihu and Quing. 17: 2x Armagedonmon. 18: Lucemon Satan and Lucemon Larva. 19: Dorugoramon and DexDorugoramon. 20 Death-X-Mon:v
Attack through wall doesn't work when i activate it. I can't hit the whirlwind/Stone trough the tree. I use the Colosseum exploit.

Then how you do it, that you can use Attack trough wall or how on Round 16 the Whirlwind and Stones spawns if you do Colosseum?

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