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Full Version: Probably the best CF Cheat i've witnessed [MUST HAVE!!]
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Hello Guys,
I was curious about CF cheats and wasn't sure if i should get one.
people told me there are cheats, good cheats and safe cheats for CF.
And my Lord when i saw this Cheat havin' Ghost Aim und stuff.
No one ever said im cheating or something.
Briliant work by the Coder, the Menu looks serious and has no issues.
Silent Aim

Really good work.
I would recommend this Cheat 10/10 for the Price and it does everything you need.

Buy it guys, I promise u wont be dissapointed. [LIL CLIP of me killing zombie]
greetings, Jerry
Thanks for the review  Heart
+1 This product never disappoints :-)